Hair Jewellery

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      Hair jewellery and hair accessories in a wide variety of designs for every occasion can be found in our extensive range of over 600 articles. In addition to the classic hair claws, barrettes and Alice bands, we also offer hair clips, hair sliders, hair pins and hair forks for small, medium and large hair volumes. For us at Redwood, it is a matter of the heart to offer high-quality hair jewellery and hair accessories for every fashion type with any hair structure, which guarantee a hair-friendly and pleasant wearing feeling and enable a successful hairstyle in no time at all. Sustainability and quality have absolute priority for us. For this reason, we have chosen high-quality rhodoïd cellulose acetate as well as exquisite horn and selected wood for the production of the hair jewellery and hair accessories, which are made into these beautiful pieces of hair jewellery.

      Our hair jewellery and hair accessories have a remarkably long lifespan, as Rhodoïd is naturally very robust and unbreakable. The variety of hair jewellery and hair accessories in a wide range of sizes and colour patterns offers you multiple possibilities to style your hair and realise your styling ideas from classic-elegant to playful-feminine. Set off your hair beautifully and in a variety of ways with the wonderful design of the hair jewellery or hair accessories, just like the natural shine of Rhodoïd.