Hair care brushes

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      Hair care brush gently removes dandruff and sebum deposits from the scalp and naturally nourishes the hair. The similarity of natural bristles with human hair distinguishes them for hair care. The sebum of the hair cells is absorbed by the natural bristles and evenly distributed to the ends of the hair. In this process, your hair cells are stimulated and healthy hair growth is stimulated.
      Our hair care brushes are made of high-quality pear wood, walnut wood or olive wood from sustainable, regional forestry and are trimmed with vegan sisal bristles or exquisite boar bristles from the first cut. Here, the bristles are differentiated into three different degrees of hardness. In the case of selected hair care brushes, the bristle bundles are pulled in manually for a particularly firm fixation. This elaborate process can be recognized by the light-colored fasteners on the front holes of the brush head and shows the distinct high quality of these hair care brushes. An elaborate manufacturing process guarantees smooth surfaces and avoids sharp edges to best protect your hair and scalp.