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      The use of hairbrushes and hair combs for regular brushing and combing is essential for healthy hair. Hundreds of years ago, the recommendation was to make 100 brush strokes a day, which still resonates today. Today we know that this alone is not enough. The right hairbrush and the right hair comb made from high-quality materials are just as important for comprehensive hair care. Natural materials such as wood, horn, wild boar bristles, domestic pig bristles and sisal have proven their worth over the years. They care for the hair in a completely natural way. That is why we at Redwood Fashion have specialized in natural hairbrushes and real wood combs, whose materials come exclusively from sustainable agriculture and forestry and have an extremely long service life and lasting quality. An elaborate production process consisting of over 20 serial work steps guarantees a burr-free, smooth surface.

      Brushes and combs: that's the difference:

      Brushes and combs fulfill different tasks and functions. While combs are generally suitable for both dry and wet hair, hairbrushes should primarily be used on dry hair. It is also advisable to use a comb on very knotted hair to gently loosen the knots. In contrast to multi-row hairbrushes, the teeth of the wooden combs and specially developed detangling brushes glide particularly gently through the hair. However, small tangles can also be effortlessly detangled with a hairbrush. The main function of natural hair brushes is to tidy dry hair and care for it as well as the scalp and hair structure in a natural way when brushing. The natural hairbrush is therefore an indispensable tool for daily hair care.