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      Natural hair brushes - for all-round gentle hair care

      Natural hair brushes differ primarily in terms of their shape and bristles. Hairbrushes with wild boar bristles, pig bristles and vegan brushes made from sisal have proven to be the most popular for daily hair care. The similar nature of these natural bristles to human hair, especially when used regularly, enables particularly natural hair care, protection of the hair structure and a healthy shine right to the ends. Wooden hairbrushes are particularly suitable for strengthening the hair structure and promoting healthy hair cells. Depending on the shape of the nubs, the scalp is massaged with varying intensity when brushing, which supports blood circulation to the scalp. Thanks to their natural properties, wooden hairbrushes also have an antistatic effect.

      Best hairbrush for my hair

      Choosing the best hairbrush always depends on individual preferences and cannot be determined in general terms. Nevertheless, hairbrushes made of natural materials offer numerous remarkable advantages compared to those made of plastic or aluminum, especially in terms of durability and quality. These brushes are not only characterized by sustainability in production and disposal, but also by their natural properties, which benefit hair and scalp care. They also have a high-quality look, a pleasant feel and a longer service life compared to other products, making natural hairbrushes particularly popular.

      To find the best hairbrush for your hair, there are a few basic questions that can help you:

      1. What kind of texture does your hair have - curly, straight, long, short, thin, thick?
      2. How sensitive is your scalp?
      3. Do you want to use the hairbrush primarily for organizing and structuring your hair or for conditioning and distributing sebum?

      The right brush to hand

      Due to their material, natural hairbrushes are often heavier than comparable hairbrushes made of aluminum or plastic. This contributes to a better feel and makes it easier to guide the brush during hair care and styling. Depending on the hair structure, different brush types are required for optimum care. A hairbrush for fine hair should be tighter and have softer bristles than brushes for thick or curly hair. Regular use of a hairbrush is particularly important for long hair to promote shine and a healthy hair structure. We offer a wide range of hairbrushes in our online store, including brushes with soft or hard boar bristles as well as variants with pig bristles and vegan bristles in various thicknesses.

      Correct use for optimum results

      Not only the quality of the hairbrushes, but also their correct use plays a decisive role in the styling and care results. When combing and brushing, you should always work from the bottom up. Start by combing and tidying the ends and then gradually work your way up to the roots. This prevents unnecessary tugging and pulling of the hair. It is also important to use the right hairbrush for the job. There are a variety of hairbrushes, such as paddle brushes for more volume and dynamism, or brushes with boar bristles or pig bristles for extra care. Round hairbrushes for blow-drying and half-round brushes are suitable for styling large curls, waves or volume. Thanks to their smooth surfaces and long handle, each of these brushes is extremely comfortable to hold and enables effective styling.