Hair jewellery closures

Let yourself be enchanted by our fascinating selection of hair jewellery closures! We offer a variety of unique clasp styles that allow you to attach your accessory to your hair in style. Dive into the variety of possibilities and discover how these enchanting closures differ from each other and what magical function they fulfil.

Our range includes a wide variety of fastener styles to suit every taste and hair type. From classic hair claws to innovative barrettes, we have something for every occasion and style.

Alice bands

Alice bands always come in minimally different shapes. This is primarily due to the production of the cotton material Rhodoïd. If a Alice band does not fit perfectly, do not despair! It is very easy to adjust the Alice band to your size and needs. To do this, place the Rhodoïd Alice band in hot water for a short time and then bend it to your desired width and shape. You can always repeat this process and enjoy your hair accessories for a long time.

Alice band

Hairclip closure

The metal eyelet encloses a metal groove. This allows the clip to be fastened quickly and reliably in the hair. Hair clips have the advantage that the metal groove can always be re-bent and thus promises a long service life.


Hair claw closure

The strong metal spring at the end of the clip presses both halves of the hair claw together and ensures a permanent, secure hold. This makes the hair claw not only the most commonly used hair accessory, but also particularly user-friendly and easy to use.

Hair Clip

Barrette closure

In a barrette, two metal arms grip a metal eyelet. This makes it quick and easy to open and close the clasp by simply squeezing the metal arms together. Many of our hair accessories use this mechanism - because it has simply proven its worth.

Hair clip

Banana closure

The banana closure combines the closure mechanisms of a hair claw and a barrette. This gives a particularly firm hold for hair that cannot be tamed. Basically, however, if each closure is used correctly, your hairstyle will hold reliably.

Banana Closure