Hair claws

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      With our high-quality hair claws made of cellulose acetate, we offer the fashion-conscious lady sustainable and long-lasting hair accessories.

      Hair claws in use

      Hair claws come in different sizes. Smaller models are suitable for gripping individual strands, while large models are designed to grip the entire hair. Before buying a hair claw, be aware of the desired application, as they differ not only in size but also in spring strength.
      Do not fill the hair claw with too much hair. This tempts you to additionally squeeze the hair claw after it has been fastened. Due to the leverage effect, the tension spring is particularly stressed and can break. We therefore recommend that you choose the right hair claw for your existing hair volume and your desired application. You will find selection aids in the filters. Here you can specify your hair length and hair volume.

      Fair Trade Hair claws

      Our hair claws are made exclusively in Germany, France, Austria and Portugal and are all produced according to fair trade principles. We have made a conscious decision not to import cheap products from third countries in order to counteract exploitation in the low-wage sector.
      It is of great importance to us that the entire product cycle of our hair claws is fair and equitable.

      Sustainable hair claws

      We produce and sell high-quality hair claws that are manufactured in various countries in Western Europe. We have made a conscious decision not to import hair claws from China or other third countries with low wages. Unfortunately, manufacturing standards in these regions still do not meet European manufacturing standards. Furthermore, imports from third countries often cause a large amount of CO₂ emissions, which contribute to a further increase in global warming.

      Our hair claws are therefore exclusively manufactured in Germany, France, Portugal and Austria. This way, we can ensure that our strict quality and environmental standards are met. We do not use any harmful chemicals or materials that could potentially be harmful to health in the production of our items.

      Our goal is to offer our customers hair claws that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and are safe for their health. We are proud that by using European production standards and not importing from countries with low wages and poor environmental standards, we can help protect the health of our customers and the environment.

      Hair claws in 30 colour collections

      Our hair claws are available in a total of 30 different colour collections to ensure you find the colour that best suits your needs. Each of these collections is named after a city, which not only makes it easy to distinguish between them, but also helps you choose the perfect colour. For example, if you choose the "Paris" collection, you will find a variety of hair claws in different shades of black and orange that you can combine perfectly with your outfit.

      You have several options to choose the colour that suits you best. You can use the practical filter function and narrow down your selection by colour and other criteria. Alternatively, you can also select the colour you want directly from the "Colour collections" menu.

      On the other hand, if you are looking for a specific hair claw that is available in a different colour, simply enter the item number in the search and leave out the last two letters. This way, you will get a list of all available collections for the desired model. With this simple method, you will quickly and easily find the hair claw that suits your styling.

      Hair claw materials

      We offer our high-quality hair claws made of Rhodoïd cellulose acetate material. This acetate is obtained from natural cotton and is characterised by its particular robustness and durability.

      In addition to the use of Rhodoïd, we have also placed particular emphasis on the quality of the fasteners in the manufacture of our hair claws. Here, we have opted for tension springs made of metal or for our patented elastic bands.

      Both types of closure are particularly secure and reliable so that your hair remains perfectly and safely fixed all day long. What's more, we offer you the option of replacing and repairing both the metal springs and the elastics, if necessary.

      Our aim is to provide you with the best possible hair protection.

      Our goal is for you to enjoy our hair claws for a long time, which is why we are happy to provide you with advice and support.