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Milan hair claw medium, square


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The medium-sized Milan hair claw, inspired by the Italian fashion metropolis, embodies style and absolute elegance. Its delicate silver segments break up the deep black base tone and create a graceful dynamic that is particularly effective in various hairstyles, such as a ponytail.

The angular body of the Milan hair claw creates a stylish contrast to the fine color pattern. A rhodoïd sleeve in a matching color encases the metal spring and blends it gallantly into the design of the hair claw.

The natural texture of the rhodoïd gives the hair claw a delicate shine that beautifully emphasizes its noblesse. The Milan hair claw is perfect for elegant and feminine festive fashion as well as classic business outfits and rounds off your look in a stylish way.

As a hair accessory, it is also a perfect gift for women who appreciate style and elegance. Add a touch of Italian sophistication to your hair with this hair claw and give the gift of style and elegance.

Dimensions of the hair claw

Length: 4.5 cm
Width: 4.0 cm
Number of prongs: 7

Advantages of this hair claw

  • Suitable for medium and long hair.
  • Suitable for normal to thick hair.
  • Soft rounded edges ensure gentle styling.
  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to the smooth surface and ergonomic shape.
  • Made from organic raw material (cotton).
  • The hair claws have a higher elasticity as well as breaking strength and therefore a longer service life.
  • High quality thanks to an elaborate manufacturing process.
  • Made in France.

How to use the hair claws

Style your hair gently and safely with the Milan medium hair claw. Elegant updos and feminine half buns or classic buns can be created in no time at all, and even ponytails are held securely in place. By loosening individual strands of hair around your face, you can transform your look from elegant to playfully casual and vary your styling to suit the occasion.

The 7 slightly curved prongs of the hair claw are made with softly rounded edges that grip your hair without roughening the hair structure or scalp. A strong spring clasp pulls the two parts of the hair claw together and guarantees a secure hold even when worn for long periods of time.

Thanks to their high-quality workmanship and materials, you can rely on the hair claw to last a long time. Whether you want to create a perfect look for everyday wear or a special occasion, this hair claw is a reliable hair accessory for your hairstyle.

As a versatile hair accessory, it allows you to create different hairstyles. And don't forget, it makes a perfect gift for women who value style and elegance. Add a touch of Italian sophistication to your hair and your gift.


Rhodoïd cellulose acetate is a sheet material made in Italy from cotton. These are first dyed and then pressed into blocks in selected color combinations. The blocks are then cut into individual slices. In an elaborate process, these slices are turned into enchanting hair accessories and hair accessories. The hair claws are made with a high-quality metal spring and guarantee a secure hold for your hairstyle, even when worn for long periods!

At Redwood, we are committed to offering stylish, sustainable and durable products. That is why we have relied exclusively on high-quality materials and clean craftsmanship in the production of this hair claw. The result is a long-lasting product that is also comfortable to wear.

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