Espiral Haarnadel, groß, Olivenholz
Hochsteckfrisur mit spiraler Haarnadel Espiral aus Olivenholz

Hairpin Espiral made of olive wood, spiral


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Our elegant, large hairpin Espiral made from olive wood is the perfect hair accessory for creating elegant hairstyles. A beautiful updo stands and falls with the styling tools used - both visually and statically. The large Espiral hairpin is a high-quality hair accessory. Our hairpin Espiral has been finely crafted by hand so that no unevenness remains in the wood. This guarantees an excellent static retention, ensuring that your updo or bun stays firmly in place for several hours. In addition to its practical benefits, our Espiral hairpin is characterised by the elegant look that comes from the olive wood. This hair accessory looks great on both light and dark hair.

Length: 16 cm

Width: 5 cm

This hair accessory is made from high-quality olive wood. It is neatly finished, with smooth surfaces and no sharp edges that could damage your hair. To ensure that you can enjoy this piece of hair jewellery for a long time, our wooden items are treated with natural linseed oil (without chemical additives). This not only enhances the beautiful wood grain, but also gives the hair accessory its natural shine and protects the olive wood from moisture. As the wood grain of these hair accessories always varies, each one is unique. The advantages of our real wood products are obvious:

  • No sharp edges that injure or even cut the hair.
  • High wearing comfort that is gentle on the hair and scalp.
  • Biological, CO2-binding raw material (wood).
  • Natural, pleasant linseed oil glaze.
  • Very long life.
  • Water-repellent.
  • Made in Europe.

To ensure that you can enjoy your hair accessory for as long as possible, we also offer to refurbish and re glaze your favourite piece of hair jewellery. Simply contact us if you would like this.

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