Verona Haarklammer klein
Halboffene Frisur mit kleiner Haarklammer Verona

Verona hair claw small


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With the small Verona hair claw, you can add romantic facets to your hairstyle and create enchanting accents in both light and dark hair. The color pattern captivates with small squares in subtle rosé and beige tones, which are covered by a soft hatching and a delicate golden shimmer.

Inspired by the unmistakable charm of the Italian city with its impressive buildings, this design also has an elegant character, underlined by a matching sleeve made of a colorful fabric. A color-matching sleeve made of cellulose acetate encases the metal spring of the hair claw and embeds it perfectly into the design.

Wear this enchanting Verona hair claw in a rectangular design with feminine spring and summer fashion as well as with elegant evening wear and set graceful accents in your hair with the delicate color pattern.

Dimensions of the hair claw

Length: 3.2 cm
Width: 2.3 cm
Height: 2.6 cm
Prongs: 11

Advantages of this hair claw

  • For fine to thick hair.
  • For short to long hair.
  • No sharp edges that damage or cut the hair.
  • Very comfortable to wear, gentle on the hair and scalp.
  • Organic raw material (cotton).
  • Greater elasticity and breaking strength.
  • Longer life.
  • European quality.
  • Made in France.

How to use the hair claws

Discover the many possible uses of the small Verona hair claw. Thanks to its size, it is ideal for securing individual strands of hair and creating half-open hairstyles. Simply place the hair in the desired position, twist back or braid individual sections and secure them effortlessly. By using several hair claws, you can create sophisticated hairstyles in an instant and give free rein to your creativity.

The Verona hair claw has 11 slightly curved prongs with softly rounded edges that gently enclose your hair. Thanks to a strong metal spring, the two parts are pulled firmly together so that your hairstyle remains secure and stable even with frequent use.

Experience the perfect symbiosis of reliable quality and enchanting design with our small Verona hair claw. This versatile hair accessory suits almost every hair type and allows you to create the perfect hairstyle for every occasion. Discover the countless possibilities offered by this unique hair claw, which is easy to use and comfortable to wear.


Rhodoïd cellulose acetate is a sheet material made in Italy from cotton. The dyed cotton is pressed into blocks in selected color combinations and then cut into individual slices. Enchanting hair accessories and hair accessories are made from these slices in an elaborate process.

The small Verona hair claw is made with a high-quality metal spring and guarantees a secure hold for your hairstyle, even when worn for long periods!

For us at Redwood, it is a matter close to our hearts to offer stylish as well as sustainable and long-lasting products. That is why we have relied exclusively on high-quality materials and neat craftsmanship in the production of this hair claw. The result is a long-lasting product that is comfortable to wear.

Packaging and shipping

When packaging our products, we strive for a reliable balance between transportation safety and sustainability. That's why we only use recycled paper, cardboard, environmentally friendly packing tape and cotton bags made from naturally renewable raw materials. Each individual item is carefully wrapped in a cotton bag, tissue paper or kraft paper and then securely packed in a box ready for dispatch.

Fair Trade hair claws

Fair trade is not just an additional feature for us, but a matter of course! We have therefore deliberately chosen suitable companies in Europe to avoid cheap production in Asia or Eastern Europe.

It is very important to us that our products are manufactured under humane conditions, from the extraction of raw materials to the final product. By being close to our partners, we gain a closer insight into the individual areas and can therefore realize shorter transport routes. This leads to immense CO₂ savings and contributes to the well-being of the environment.

Most of our hair claws and their packaging are made from biodegradable raw materials that come from sustainable agriculture. By producing in Germany, France, Austria and Portugal, we can ensure that EU environmental standards are fully complied with.

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