Vegane Langhaar-Pflegebürste, Birnenholz, für glattes, gewelltes und feines Haar

Vegan long hair care brush, pear wood, for straight, wavy and fine hair


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Highest quality and ecological responsibility are fundamental features in the choice of raw materials and the production of our vegan care brushes. These are made of high-quality pear wood from sustainable forestry in Germany and studded with exquisite sisal bristles. This is based on an elaborate manufacturing process that guarantees smooth surfaces and soft edges, ensuring gentle hair and scalp care.

Length: 19.5 cm
Bristles: Hard sisal bristles, 7-row.
Suitability: Straight, wavy fine hair, for dry brushing only, vegan.

Due to the similar structure of the plant fibers of sial- agave to human hair, the bristles are able to absorb excess sebum from the hair cells and distribute it to the ends of the hair. To obtain an even result, the hair is brushed from the roots to the tips. Regular use of the hairbrush will give your hair a healthy shine and protective care, without any chemical additives. The staggered bristles reach all the way to the scalp, promoting its circulation and detoxification, as well as stimulating the hair cells.

With its elasticity and the hardness of the sisal bristles, the vegan care brush is especially suitable for fine, long hair.

Since the wood grain of these hair brushes always varies, each of these utensils is a small charming unique. The extremely pleasant feel of the wood of our brushes allows, even with daily use, a comfortable care of your hair.
The numerous advantages of our real wood hair brushes at a glance:

  • Very natural, pleasant feel.
  • Soft edges that gently care for the hair.
  • Natural, high-quality bristles promote a healthy hair structure.
  • Made from organic, CO2-binding wood.
  • The wood is sourced exclusively from sustainable forestry.
  • Our conditioning brushes have a long service life.
  • Easy cleaning to maintain the quality of the hair brushes.
  • Made in Germany.

Care instructions
Use the brush only in dry hair. Use a redwood brush cleaner to remove lint and hair residues from the interstices and clean regularly with a mild shampoo and warm water. Rinse the grooming brush under cold water, rub the wooden body dry and let it dry placed on the bristles.
Regular oiling with a natural oil such as linseed oil or olive oil protects and maintains the wood.

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