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      Redwood barrettes in Detail

      In our online shop you will find a large selection of barrettes, which differ not only in colour and by the respective material, but also in their size and application.
      We offer our barrettes in 27 different colour collections.
      Each of these colour collections is named after a city and helps you to find the desired colour. Feel free to use our filter function on the left side of the screen (mobile above) and find the right barrette for your hair length and hair volume.
      If you are interested in all items of a certain collection, we recommend you to select the desired collection directly via the menu "Collections".


      Barrettes, along with hair clips and hair ties, have always been among the most popular aids for creating simple and elaborate hairstyles. This is mainly because they can be intuitively worked into the hairstyle. While hair combs or hairpins require a certain amount of skill, barrettes can simply be clipped onto a strand of hair thanks to their practical closing mechanism. This mechanism is called a patent clip in professional circles. By pressing two small metal arms together, you can easily open the barrette. Individual strands or, as with our large barrettes, the whole hair can then be inserted into the resulting eyelet and fixed in place.


      Our barrettes are made from various high-quality and therefore also durable materials, in some cases painstakingly by hand, in small to medium-sized factories:
      Deciduous wood from Germany is glazed with natural linseed oil (without chemical additives).
      Olive wood from Portugal is also glazed with natural linseed oil (without chemical additives).
      Horn from Austria is a "by-product" of cattle and buffalo breeding.
      Rhodoïd is a board material made in Italy from cotton. The cotton is dyed and pressed into a variety of colour pattern blocks. Slices are cut from the blocks, which are then processed in France in more than ten steps to create enchanting barrettes. The fasteners of our barrettes are made of patented elastic bands or tension springs made of metal. Both the metal springs and the elastics can be replaced and repaired if necessary. We will be happy to help you with this. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard!

      Fair Trade

      All our barrettes are fair trade. As it is impossible to guarantee fair trade standards with long transport routes, we make all our hair accessories exclusively in Germany, France, Austria and Portugal. We completely refrain from importing outside the European Union. This is the only way we can ensure that our fair trade claims are met.
      For us, fair trade means that the entire product cycle of our hair accessories is done at fair and just wages.


      With our barrettes, we want to put an end to the short-lived nature of hair accessories. To achieve this, we not only rely on high-quality materials, but also offer our customers a 2-year guarantee. Our goal is to bring long-lasting barrettes into circulation that can still be used after years and that can be repaired by us if necessary. Only with a sustainable approach will we be able to reduce our fingerprint in the long run.

      Packaging and shipping

      When packaging our barrettes, we strive for a reliable balance between transport safety and sustainability. That's why we only use recycled shipping boxes limited to the necessary size, as well as environmentally friendly packing tape and cotton bags made from naturally renewable raw materials.
      Each item is carefully placed in a cotton bag and wrapped in recycled kraft paper, then securely stowed in a cardboard box ready for shipping.
      As a matter of principle, we deliver all our barrettes without labels. Plastic labels are not reusable and create unnecessary plastic and CO₂ in manufacturing and disposal.
      To also minimise CO₂ emissions during transport, we ship our items exclusively with DHL GoGreen.