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      Hair clips and bobby pins belong to the important standard of hair decoration and styling techniques, along with hair claws, hairpins and Alice bands. The long but narrow hair accessories allow individual strands or small volumes of hair to be cleverly arranged and brought into shape. This works simply and conveniently with a small metal eyelet at the bottom of the hair clip, which encloses the hair and thus holds it together as a strand.
      Of course, hair clips, like most other hair accessories, have more than just a practical value when creating a hairstyle. If the hair clips are beautifully made, they can be used as pretty hair accessories to set accents in evening wear. To offer our customers a variety of options for using hair clips and other hair accessories to match their wardrobe, we offer our hair accessories in different collections. These include, for example, the Milan collection in beautiful black tones, the Recife collection in elegant white or the Granada collection in warm red tones. To ensure a beautiful shine and an individual design, we rely on European workmanship and high-quality material. Our hair clips, like many of our other hair accessories, are made from Rhodoïd, an Italian natural resin. You will find hair clips from Redwood in all shapes and sizes. The product you are looking for is not listed on the homepage in the right size? Then write us your request and we will look for a suitable solution for you.