Ecological sustainability is important to us!
Even if it is only a small contribution, we always try to operate sustainably.

Our packages are made of recycled cardboard and without plastics. The volumes are small in order to save unnecessary filling material despite secure packaging. The packages are sealed with solvent-free parcel tape from the Tesa® ecoLogo®series.

For shipping, we rely exclusively on packages of small external dimensions and on the shipping service provider DHL GoGreen in order to keep CO2 emissions per package as low as possible. At the same time, this has the advantage that we can have your order delivered to your parcel station, desired branch or desired location without an empty trip if you are unable to receive your parcel in person at home.

No advertising
We deliberately refrain from advertising in paper form altogether. Therefore, you will not receive any flyers, accompanying booklets or paper catalogs from us. In general, we will not use your address data or contact information for advertising purposes. If you are interested in our product news, you can follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter below: Instagram

We are always open to suggestions and ideas. If you can think of any other suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to let us know.

No destruction of new goods
It is common practice for some online mail order companies or fashion labels to increase sales, create storage space, or save on repackaging costs by destroying new merchandise. We deliberately refrain from this. The sustainable use of precious resources is very important to us. Therefore, we do not destroy new goods and repair defective items as far as the type of damage allows.