Taschenkamm aus Holz für mittellanges, glattes oder gewelltes Haar

Wooden pocket comb for medium-length, straight or wavy hair


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With a tine width of 1.6 mm, this pocket comb is particularly suitable for medium-length, straight and wavy hair. It is made from selected fruit and hardwood and, thanks to its natural properties, glides particularly gently through both damp and dry hair. With its softly rounded edges, it is also very comfortable to hold and offers an extremely comfortable hair care experience.

The pocket comb is made with precisely rounded teeth and an extremely even surface texture. This allows it to glide effortlessly through your hair without unnecessarily irritating the scalp or hair structure. For comprehensive care, make sure you always comb your hair from the bottom up. This makes it easier to detangle and avoids unnecessary pulling and tearing of the hair.

With a length of 14 cm, this comb fits in every pocket and is always a valuable companion both at home and on the go. Use it to get your hair and individual sections of hair back into shape at any time and experience the versatility of our pocket comb at any time.

Length: 14 cm

Tine width: 1.6 mm for medium-length, straight or wavy hair.

Our pocket combs are made from high-quality fruit and hardwood from sustainable, regional forestry and agriculture in Germany. An elaborate manufacturing process and maximum precision guarantee smooth surfaces and an extremely pleasant feel. Special attention is paid to sanding and rounding the tips of the tines.

As the wood grain of the pocket combs always varies, each of these utensils is a small, enchanting one-off.
The advantages of our real wood pocket combs are obvious:

  • Very natural, pleasant feel.
  • Softly rounded edges that gently organize and structure the hair.
  • Made from organic, CO₂-binding wood.
  • The wood is sourced exclusively from sustainable, regional forestry and agriculture.
  • Our pocket combs have a long service life.
  • Easy to clean to maintain the quality of the combs
  • Antistatic and stable by nature.
  • Made in Germany.

Care instructions
Avoid prolonged contact with water. Wash the comb at regular intervals with a mild, silicone-free shampoo or a mild soap, rinse under clear water and then rub dry immediately. Oiling with a natural oil such as olive oil or beeswax balm optimizes care, makes the surface of the pocket comb shine and provides additional protection against moisture.

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