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      Many elaborate hairstyles depend on the use of sturdy hairpins or hair forks. Whether it's a topknot, a chignon or an updo - only the right hair accessories can ensure a secure hold for hours. In addition to hair clips, barrettes and hair elastics, hair pins and hair forks are mainly used for large volumes of hair. Hairpins and hair forks have the advantage that they hold large strands of hair in place at the same time, giving you extensive variations when styling your hair. If several hairpins are used at the same time and supplemented by other aids, the most beautiful hairstyles can be realised for the gala evening or the chic dinner.
      Hairpins and hair forks work with tension – the hair, properly worked in, adheres firmly to the pin – and must therefore be manufactured to be stable and durable. To prevent the hairpin from breaking, we at Redwood only use sturdy material in the manufacturing process. Our hairpins are made of olive wood, real horn or Rhodoïd. These are exclusively natural and, at the same time, durable products. Furthermore, we take care in detailed work to manufacture our hairpins and hair forks accurately and durably. In our online shop you will find hairpins and hair forks in various colour collections – from the classic olive wood to the shiny Rhodoïd collection St. Petersburg. We hope you enjoy browsing!