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      The scrunchie belongs to the standard repertoire in terms of hairdressing technique, along with hair clips and barrettes. Especially for fixing braids scrunchies are regularly used. Thanks to their elastic drawstring, scrunchies can be used flexibly and in a variety of ways. Thus, small strands as well as large braids can be easily and comfortably held together and styled.
      Of course, when choosing hair accessories, the focus is not only on practical use - scrunchies, like our other hair accessories, want to be fashionable and timeless. For this reason, we offer scrunchies made of high quality manufacturing in different design variations. Our scrunchies and hair bands are made of organic cotton, real horn and rhodoïd and thus have a long life. To help you find the right scrunchie for your hair type, we offer our hair accessories in different collections with different shades. Discover our scrunchie assortment from the discreet half-round design to the scrunchie in heart or flower look.