Alice bands

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      Next to hairpins, the Alice band is one of the oldest hair accessories. Already in the Middle Ages hairbands found versatile application and have lost nothing in their popularity until today. This is also shown by the English name of the hairband: Alice Band. This name was given to the headband in reference to the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland from 1865. Like the story itself, the headband thus stands for curiosity in a classic-conventional environment.
      As with most hair products, the main focus of the hairband is comfort. Hair hoops are used for both evening wear and everyday wear. For this reason, long periods of wear should not be a problem - even after several hours, the hairband should not cause pain. To ensure this, we at Redwood Fashion rely on a very special material: Rhodoïd, a plate material made of cotton. If you place the Rhodoïd hairband in hot water for a short time or blow dry it, you can carefully shape it to fit your head size and hair volume. You can also easily trim the small teeth of the hair hoop, which provide the necessary hold, to the desired size with a file. We wish you much joy with your new hair hoop!