Bologna Haarreif, schmal
Frisur mit schmalen, schwarz-silbernen Haarreif Bologna

Alice band Bologna, black-silver, narrow


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Our narrow Alice band Bologna, made of cellulose acetate, captivates with an exciting color pattern. Black-brown elements are embedded in a hatched silver tone, beautifully complementing both light and dark hair. Thanks to its design, this hair accessory is suitable for voluminous, long hair as well as fine, short hair, securely and stylishly holding it in place.

Inspired by the Northern Italian city with its artistic architecture, this Alice band also exudes a captivating charm. The natural sheen of cellulose acetate enhances this interplay of colors in a sophisticated manner, giving the Alice band a noble character.

A charming interplay of colors that you can wear beautifully and fashionably in both business and casual settings, effortlessly complementing your festive and relaxed fashion style.

Dimensions of the Alice band: Width: 1.2 cm Diameter: The diameter can be adjusted for Rhodoïd Alice bands. Simply immerse the Alice band briefly in hot water and bend it to the desired size.

Advantages of the Alice band:

  • No sharp edges that injure or even cut the hair.
  • Easy adjustment to head size and shape
  • Very comfortable to wear, gentle on the hair and scalp.
  • Ideal for short hair as well as long hair.
  • Organic raw material (cotton).
  • Greater elasticity and breaking strength.
  • Longer life.
  • European quality.
  • Made in France.


Rhodoïd cellulose acetate is a plate material made in Italy from cotton. The coloured cotton is pressed into blocks in selected colour combinations and then cut into individual slices. These slices are then used to create enchanting hair accessories through an elaborate process.

This narrow Alice band is crafted with fine rows of teeth. These teeth have softly rounded tips, providing the Alice band with a secure grip without exerting unnecessary pressure on the scalp or causing irritation.

At Redwood, it's our heartfelt commitment to offer both stylish and sustainable, long-lasting products. Therefore, in crafting these Alice bands, we rely solely on high-quality materials and clean manufacturing processes. The result is durability combined with comfortable wear.


Our Alice bands are designed to be adjustable to your individual head shape for an all-around comfortable fit. To achieve this, briefly immerse the Alice band in hot water or use a hairdryer on it. Then, while warm, gently shape it to the desired form.

Similarly, the teeth of the Alice band, which provide necessary grip, can be easily trimmed to the desired size using a file, accommodating your needs for both short and long hair.

Packaging and Shipping 

When packaging our items, we strive for a reliable balance between transport security and sustainability. Hence, we use only recycled paper, cardboard, eco-friendly packing tape, and cotton bags made from naturally renewable resources. Each item is carefully wrapped in a cotton bag, tissue paper, or kraft paper, then securely packed in a cardboard box for shipping.

Fair Trade Alice Band 

Fair trade is not just an additional feature for us, but a fundamental principle! That's why we've chosen suitable companies in Europe over cheap manufacturing in Asia or Eastern Europe.

It's essential for us that our products are manufactured under dignified conditions from raw material extraction to the final product. The proximity of production enables us to have more precise insights into each stage and significantly reduces transportation distances, thus contributing to immense CO₂ savings and environmental well-being.

Our Alice bands and their packaging are largely made from biodegradable materials sourced from sustainable agriculture. By producing in Germany, France, Austria, and Portugal, we can ensure full compliance with EU environmental standards compared to products manufactured in Asia.

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