Kamm- und Bürstenreiniger zum Auswaschen von Holz- und Borstenbürsten, Buchenholz

Comb and brush cleaner for washing out wooden and bristle brushes, beech wood


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Our comb and brush cleaners are made from high-quality beech wood from sustainable, regional forestry. They are manufactured in a German company using an elaborate production process and fitted with exquisite natural bristles. The even surface and rounded edges give the comb and brush cleaner an extremely pleasant feel.

Its texture makes it suitable for wet cleaning your hairbrushes and combs. Keep the bristles and teeth clean at all times for optimum hair care in just a few simple steps. As the wood grain of our comb and brush cleaners always varies, each of these utensils is unique.

Dimensions of the comb and brush cleaner

Length: 7.5 cm

Bristles: Natural bristles, 2-row.
Suitability: For washing out wooden and bristle brushes.

Advantages of the comb and brush cleaner

  • Very natural, pleasant feel.
  • Simple, thorough cleaning thanks to closely packed natural bristles.
  • The raw materials come exclusively from sustainable, regional forestry and agriculture.
  • Our comb and brush cleaners have a long service life.
  • Made in Germany.

How to use

Add a few drops of a mild, silicone-free shampoo or a mild soap to warm water. Dip the comb and brush cleaner into the solution and brush the spaces between your comb or hairbrush with light pressure. This will remove any sebum residue, dandruff and styling product build-up.

To loosen stubborn residues, soak the comb or hairbrush in the solution for up to 15 minutes and then clean with the brush. Finally, rinse everything under clear water, rub the wooden parts dry and leave the hairbrush to dry standing on its bristles.

Care instructions

To prolong the life of your comb and brush cleaner, avoid prolonged contact with water. Remove any lint and hair residue brushed out immediately after cleaning. After contact with water, rub the wooden body and the wire brushes dry immediately and leave the comb and brush cleaner to dry on the wires.

Regular oiling of the wooden handles with a natural oil such as olive oil or beeswax balm optimizes care and gives the wood a shine and protection.

Packaging and shipping

When packaging our products, we strive for a reliable balance between transportation safety and sustainability. We therefore only use recycled paper, cardboard boxes and environmentally friendly packing tape and cotton bags made from naturally renewable raw materials. Each item is carefully wrapped in a cotton bag, tissue paper or kraft paper and then securely packed in a cardboard box and made ready for dispatch.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is not just an additional feature for us, but a matter of course! That's why we have opted for suitable companies in Europe and against cheap production in Asia or Eastern Europe.

It is essential for us that our products are manufactured under humane conditions, from the extraction of raw materials to the end product. The geographical proximity enables us to gain a closer insight into the individual areas and creates significantly shorter transport routes, so that we contribute to an immense saving in CO₂ and to the benefit of the environment.

Our products and their packaging are largely made from biodegradable raw materials that come from sustainable agriculture. By producing in Germany, France, Austria and Portugal, we can fully guarantee compliance with EU environmental standards compared to products produced in Asia.

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