London Haarklammer groß, schwarz, mit Arabeske
Hochsteckfrisur mit großer, schwarzer Haarklammer London mit Arabeske
Frusur mit großer, schwarzer Haarklammer London mit Arabeske
Frisur mit großer, schwarzer Haarklammer London mit Arabeske
Halboffen Frisur mit großer, schwarzer Haarklammer London mit Arabeske
Hochsteckfrisur mit großer, schwarzer Haarklammer London mit Arabeske

London hair claw large, black, with arabesque


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The large London hair claw in black is a true icon of elegance and functionality, especially for women with thick and long hair. This large-sized hair claw has been designed to meet not only the highest standards of style, but also of hair fixation.

The black hair claw embodies the timeless beauty and grace of the fashion metropolis of London. Its simple design goes perfectly with almost any fashion style, be it an elegant evening look or a casual day outfit.

The large London hair claw is not just a simple accessory, but a statement of style. A matching color Rhodoïd sleeve encases the metal spring of the claw and blends seamlessly into the design, perfecting the overall look.

You can create a variety of hairstyles with this exceptionally large hair claw. Whether it's stunning updos, voluminous ponytails or loose, half-open braids - the black London hair claw holds your hair securely while adding a delicate shine.

Add timeless elegance and a touch of artistry to your look with the London black hair claw. It is not just a practical accessory, but an expression of your personality and style. Give yourself the opportunity to style your long hair effortlessly and stylishly and experience the timeless beauty of London in your hairstyle.

Dimensions of the hair claw

Length: 8.7 cm
Width: 4.0 cm
Height: 4.7 cm
Prongs: 15

Advantages of this hair claw

  • Suitable for thick hair and long hair.
  • Softly rounded edges for hair-friendly styling.
  • Very comfortable to wear, gentle on the hair and scalp
  • Strong metal spring for a long-lasting hold
  • A matching color Rhodoïd sleeve for a perfectly shaped design
  • Organic raw material (cotton).
  • High elasticity
  • High breaking strength
  • Longer life
  • Handmade in France

How to use the hair claw

The large London hair claw is the ideal companion for women with thick and long hair. Its generous length and shape ensure a secure hold without straining the hair or scalp.

The black hair claw has neatly rounded edges that gently grip your hair while protecting the hair structure. It is extremely comfortable to wear, even with frequent use.

Wear the large hair claws in a variety of hairstyles, whether in half-open plaits, a half bun or a half twist, or in classic updos. By cleverly releasing individual strands of hair around your face, you can transform your look from elegant to playful, feminine or casual and thus perfectly match the occasion.

With the London hair claw, you are not only opting for practical hair fixation, but also for a stylish accessory. Give yourself the opportunity to present your long hair in different looks and underline your personality. This hair claw is more than just a hair accessory; it is an expression of your individual style and versatility. Experience the elegance of London in your hairstyle and get this exclusive product today.


Rhodoïd is a sheet material made in Italy from cotton. The dyed cotton is pressed into blocks in selected color combinations and then cut into individual slices. Charming hair accessories and hair accessories are made from these slices in an elaborate process.

The London hair claw is made with a high-quality metal spring and guarantees a secure hold for your hairstyle, even when worn for long periods!

At Redwood, we are passionate about providing stylish, sustainable and long-lasting products. That is why we have relied exclusively on high-quality materials and neat craftsmanship in the production of this hair claw. The result is a long-lasting product that is also comfortable to wear.

Packaging and shipping

Each item is wrapped in a cotton bag, tissue paper or kraft paper and then securely packed in a box and made ready for dispatch. Here too, we place great importance on sustainability and only use recycled paper, cardboard and environmentally friendly packing tape.

Fair trade hair claws

It is important to us that our products are manufactured under humane conditions. That is why we have opted for suitable factories in Europe rather than low-cost production in Asia or Eastern Europe. In addition, the significantly shorter transportation routes contribute to an immense reduction in CO₂ emissions and to the benefit of the environment.

Our hair claws and their packaging are made from biodegradable raw materials that come from sustainable agriculture. By producing in Germany, France, Austria and Portugal, we ensure compliance with EU environmental standards compared to products produced in Asia.

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