Paar Alicante Haarspangen klein
Halboffene Frisur mit kleinen Haarspangen Alicante

Pair of small Alicante barrettes


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A very special pair of small barrettes - the Alicante collection - is one of the most popular designs in the Redwood online shop. The Alicante collection takes its name from the enchanting harbour town on the Spanish Costa Blanca. In addition to the impressive Castillo de Santa Bárbara castle, the Mediterranean tourist metropolis is best known for its promenade called Explanada de España. This palm-lined promenade is made up of millions of small marble stones. Anyone who has ever strolled along the Explanada de España will understand why we dedicated one of our favourite collections to the Spanish port city.

Because just like the fascinating promenade, the pair of small barrettes in the Alicante collection also features an exciting mosaic pattern. The design suggests a multitude of small squares that fit together seamlessly yet irregularly. Charming contrasts of light and dark stones, interspersed with an inconspicuous shimmer of gold, give the pair of small Alicante barrettes an impressive visual depth. Paired with hair accessories from our Recife or Bologna collections, you can create even more attractive contrasts for your evening styling. Look forward to high-quality costume jewellery - not just for Spanish nights - with the exciting pair of small Alicante barrettes from Redwood.

Length: 5.0 cm
Width: 0.9 cm
Clasp opening: 2.5 cm

Rhodoïd is a sheet material made from cotton in Italy. The cotton is dyed and pressed into various colour pattern blocks. Slices are cut from the blocks, which are then processed into enchanting hair jewellery and hair accessories in France in over 10 steps. The Rhodoïd hair accessory, which is elaborately produced partly by hand, has the following advantages over machine-made injection-moulded plastic items:

  • No sharp edges that injure or even cut the hair.
  • High wearing comfort that is gentle on the hair and scalp.
  • Biological base material (cotton).
  • Greater elasticity and breaking strength.
  • Longer life.
  • European quality.
  • Made in France.

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