Hair claws with patented elastics

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      Our elasticated hair claws close with a patented elastic that ensures a firm and secure hold. The elastic ensures a long life, making the hair claws a reliable companion.

      The attachment of the elastic increases the pull when closing and at the same time reduces the strain on the garnish. This keeps the claw functioning for a long time without impairing its function.

      The comfort offered by the hair claws is equally remarkable. Its pleasant and comfortable feel makes it the perfect accessory for all-day wear. Thanks to the elastic, the claw has a wider opening width, which means it can encompass more hair and hold it securely. This is particularly beneficial for people with thicker or more voluminous hair.

      In addition to their functionality, our elasticated hair claws also impress with their attractive design. We offer a wide range of rhodoïd colours and patterns, giving you numerous options for customising your hairstyle. Some of our styles are even embellished with sparkling rhinestones for an added touch of elegance and glamour.

      Overall, our hair claws with patented elastic offer a harmonious combination of functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal. Discover the variety of our designs and be inspired by the performance and charm of our hair claws.